As we go to the third week of school re-opening, since we are handling candidates, we are steadily gaining momentum. We thank the Almighty God for his protection, because without it, we would be nowhere. Classes are being conducted effectively.

We are trying our level best to strictly maintain the Government Standard Opening Procedures (SOPs) so as to stay safe. We encourage our students to keep social distancing, washing of their hands and wearing of face masks.

In addition to the above, we have continued to maintain regular checking of body temperature, disinfecting classes, dormitories, desks, beds and other surfaces.

Counseling and guidance time is set apart from our daily routine to empower students to navigate life along with the COVID-19 threat.

Sunday prayer services have begun where social distancing is of paramount importance.

To Parents and Guardians who reached an understanding with us to pay at least half of the school dues before their children are allowed in school, we urge you to work hard and keep your side of the bargain so that you clear by the agreed time. Otherwise, we greatly thank the parents for endeavoring to make some payments in spite of the hard time we are financially going through.

We encourage you to continue keeping a keen eye on the other non-candidate students who have not yet reported to school, please ensure that they are in good health.

Remember to stay safe. God bless you.