: To ensure that all students acquire and use knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to become productive and successful members of society through project based learning.

OUR STEM MISSION: Attract and inspire our students and the entire school stem workforce with skills in STEM to meet community challenges.

THE SCHOOL’S STEM STRATEGY In alignment with the requirements of the Government of Uganda through National curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) to embrace project based learning and STEM in Secondary Schools, the school has put down Goals through which we can achieve our mission in


: Build strong foundations for STEM literacy.Objective 1 (a); Engage all top school administrators and all other stake holders (Community leaders, parents, teachers, support staff and students) on the values of education through STEM since they take part in supporting the school toward our mission

Objective 1(b); develop outreach messages to attract more talent into STEM and also preach the School’s involvement in solving challenges of the community through STEM education

Objective 1(c); Organize two major STEM activities annually and identify ways through with these activities can help to attract and retain talent in STEM education with in school and the community at largeObjective 1(d); promote partnership within school and with other companies and personal entities in the community for stem initiatives and activities

GOAL 2: Mentor other schools in the community and the country at large into STEM.

Objective 2 (a); Identifying a school annually through visits which we can mentor in STEM education

Objective 2 (b); Mentor administrators, teachers and learners in these schools on the values of STEM and best ways to involve STEM into their schools’ curriculum

Objective 2(c); Developing lesson plans with teachers of these schools and help them through finding appropriate resources for lessons in STEM.

Objective 2(d); Involving them into attending and organizing annual STEM activities so as to increase on their experience and STEM awareness with their stake holders.

GOAL 3: Building a strong STEM workforce for the future

Objective 3(a); Organize regular training the students in STEM in core STEM skills such as project planning and management, business in STEM, coding and ICT literacy, data collection and analysis etc.

Objective 3(b); Improve on the quality of STEM resources and events by implementing programs based on knowledge, skills and abilities associated with STEM

Objective 3(c); Support students in projects with in STEM so as to increase on their experience and exposure in use of science, technology, Engineering, arts and mathematics in solving challenges in the community.

Objective 3(d); Support Student-Student mentorship programs as students who have been through Stem mentor new members into STEM which will give us a future STEM generation of mentors with exposure and experience.

Objective 3(e); Motivate exceptional members who involve in STEM activities through annual school recognition and gifts

Objective 3(f); Appoint a committee annually in charge of STEM education programs

GOAL 4: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of STEM in school through collecting evidence using appropriate methods

Objective 4(a); Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of STEM programs annually to check progressObjective 4(b); Take videos and pictures of every stem activity that takes place and upload them to the school website.

Objective 4(c); Create a systematic approach to guide in decision making

Objective 4(d); developing a work plan to identify and share responsibility towards accomplishing STEM programs

GOAL 5; Budget annually for STEM activities

Objective 5(a); Organize STEM committee meetings to decide on which activities to be budgeted for annually according to the work plane

Objective 5(b); Prepare annual STEM budget Objective 5(c); Forward the prepared budget for inclusion in the schools’ general budget.

Objective 5(d): Prepare annual reports on funding of STEM activities.


According to the goals stated, it is our mandate therefore to plan, manage and execute the strategic plan through actively involving in every activity towards achieving the set objectives. A detailed work plan will be developed annually so as to guide the involved personnel in achieving the goals.