Steam is a program that enables students to put into practice what they have studied in class in the fields of Science Technology Engineering and maths. The stem is a worldwide program sparking student’s creativity and innovations. 


Wampeewo Ntakke School Chapter is part of the world wide Stem Program and was started by Professor Usha from USA who trained and mentored a group of over 70 students that are currently active members and contributors to different research projects.


Stem program engages students and enhances abilities to innovate and contribute to technology development through mentoring students.

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  • Leadership
  • President

The president oversees all the operations of the stem chapter and it to all other chapter in the world

  • Vice president

The vice president is an assistant to the president and also takes responsibility in his absence

  • Secretary

The secretary is supposed to record all the minutes in STEM chapter meeting and keep records of all projects done during the different activities

  • Treasurer

The treasurer takes care of the finances and gives accountability of the cash flow in the STEM chapter. the treasurer also preparers financial reports at every end of a given period together with the whole leadership committee 

  • Community events

STEM program aims at using innovations to improve on starndars of living for the people in the community and also make innovations that help on diffren challenges faced by the community.

Below are some of the events held by Wampeewo Stem Chapter .

  • Projects

There are a number of projects that Wampeewo STEM chapter is working on and below are some of the ongoing ones.


Mosquitoes are the number one causes of malaria and are a common problem for countries in the tropics. Most of the hide in places that we can be able to remove but many of them move from one place to another . this project aims at developing a device to attract all of them and kill them before they hurt any person.