The students of S.4 and S.6 on reporting for term II 2020 were briefed by theschool  task force on COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. The composition of the task force was read out and their work of supervising the

implementation of Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures(SOPS).


Composition of the Task Force

  • Eva Naluggya      –          Chairperson- Work hand in hand with Deputy.

Administration Mr. Ssekiziyivu.

  • Angom Faith Nancy    –             School Nurse.
  • MukasaLameck –            Warden.
  • Zalwango Barbra     –           Matron.
  • Akampulira Nelson     –           Compound.
  • Nakiranda Monica      –           Security.
  • Lule Isaac         –           S.4 Class Teacher Representative.
  • Nsubuga Peter     –           S.6 Class Teacher Representative.
  • Musomba Ronnie     –           Head Prefect(Students Representative).
  • Nakakande Viola –      Head Girl(Students Representative).
  • Sentongo Margaret         –    Kitchen Representative.
  • MutabaaziSyliver –         Security.


The following were some of the issues highlighted during the talk:

  1. That Covid-19 is real however, it can be prevented in our community by observing

the following:

  • Wearing masks and washing them every day.
  • Washing of hands regularly to prevent transmission of the disease.
  • Regular taking of temperature recording three times a day i.e.


Lunch-time and


  • Eating warm food in order to boost the immunity. They were promised improved diet.
  • Exercising the body to keep healthy.
  • Reporting to the nurse early enough in case one develops the following signs and symptoms:
  • High temperatures above 37o
  • Chest pain.
  • Vomiting .
  • Dry cough.
  • General body weakness.



  • They were taken through on how Covid-19 is transmitted that is through the soft parts of our body i.e. eyes, mouth and nose. Hence were cautioned about;
  1. Sneezing and coughing in public.
  2. Touching surfaces e.g. walls, desks, doors, windows etc.
  • Avoid sharing things like ; pens, plates, masks, clothings, beds etc.


  • Keep social distance / avoid overcrowding in the dormitories, at the canteens, dining hall and other public places.


  • A new time table was read out to them i.e.

Break time

S.4                  10:20am   –   10:50am

S.6                  10:50am   –    11:20am


Lunch time

S.4                   1:05pm     –     1:50pm

S.6                   1:50pm     –     2:35pm


On that note,

  • Time management was highly emphasized.
  • They were informed about not going back to their dormitories during lunch time.
  • That serving and eating shall be done in the dining areaafter temperature measurement.
  • Also that a security officer was to guard their dormitories day and night.
  • An Askari was to patrol the critical areas of the school especially behind the buildings and compound to ensure implementation of Standard Operating Procedures( SOPs.)
  • They were warned about tampering with the fire detectors in their dormitories, but to act very first in case of an alarm.
  • Also cautioned not to makean alarm when one is suspected of Covid 19. That a suspect shall be isolated and taken care of by our school nurse.

That all had been done to ensure their safety in school.


Response of learners:

Learners were positive on new guidelines and promised to abide by them.



  • Some students reported during the late hours and briefing them was hard. However a counselling and guidance session was scheduled for 20th, October, 2020.
  • Some had substandard masks and were advised to buy new ones.



  • We need more washing facilities at the girls’ toilets, canteen, sickbay, entrance etc.
  • We need drinking water forstudents at the kitchen.
  • More talking and supervision shall be done during the course of the term.