Welcome to the Guidance and Counseling department of WampeewoNtakke Secondary School.

Guidance refers to the art of teaching an individual or a group of individuals reality or facts about a particular issue with an aim of helping them to make right decisions.

Counseling refers to a conversation between two parties aiming at helping one party that has encountered a challenge to either solve it or learn to cope with the challenge encountered.

The overall goal of the Guidance and Counseling department is to build a morally, socially, spiritually and academically excelling school community.At the same time, citizens capable of competing with the rest of the world, make proper decisions and managing challenges/stress at both individual and group levels.

It is unfair to deny the fact the we emulate the Christian role model (Jesus) who came to effect the law by first treating the mind (preaching the gospel) that automatically led to effectiveness of the law among his followers.

The department mainly deals with psycho- problems like attitude, stress, depression and addiction. These if left unattended to, they can lead to evils like; suicide, violence, immorality, drug abuse, physical and mental illness and much more. In this case Guidance and Counseling department comes to rescue the situation before it gives birth to the evils mentioned.

St Paul in Romans: 7:23 says “But I see in my members another law waging war against the law in my mind and making me captive to the law of sin that dwells in my members.” The members Paul was talking about are the different body parts and the other law is the bodily desires that are always controversial to the right law in the mind.

This calls for the Guidance and Counseling services to equip the mind with ideas that can overcome the bodily desires.

This is done with reference to general ideals, life skills, reality, school rules and regulations, cultural values, Christian religious values and scriptures throughcontinuous talks and follow up, preaching and counseling at both individual and group levels.

Of coursea word of prayer cannot be ignored because nobody can resist change if brought about by God (Jeremiah: 36: 26-27).